The name's Czarina, silent 'C',
Living in Canada for the last 9 years,
I am Filipino and Canadian,15 years old
Graduating class of 2013 @ Not so Ghetto Seton Anymore !
Respect me and i'll respect you.
Jackson Wang ♥
05/13/13-Present ♥
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who did you have in mind exactly? mark

Resurfacing ii

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[140724] M Countdown - My Ear’s Candy + It’s Raining

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hello, this is 91jy (previously jungjinyuong, prismdolls, many other urls)&#160;! i’m pleased to announce this is my first exo/got7 giveaway, yay \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ i’m going to university in a month or so and the end of summer is reaching, and i wanted to slowly get rid of albums i don’t want/need so i decided, why not a giveaway? all my followers have been super nice to me so i thought this would be a great opportunity for people who don’t have the money/ability to purchase albums! please follow the rules~
this giveaway starts now (when i posted it, august 27th pst) and ends october 18th, 2014 7PM PST refer here to change timezones
i will ship to the end of earth, and the shipping fee is to be paid by me!
there will be two winners (how i will be choosing them is different from others, please continue reading until the very end!)
winners will be notified asap, please don’t send me messages asking if i chose winners, they will know who they are. 
please have your ask box open. if you don’t, you probably will not be contacted and i have no choice but to choose another winner. 
please note you will have to give me your first and last name and your full address, so please consider before reblogging!
following any of my sideblogs/twitter account does not guarantee an extra entry.
this is a giveaway for my followers, so it makes sense if you are following me. BUT do not follow me only to unfollow when the giveaway ends. the choice is yours
no giveaway blogs/sideblogs (i will be checking)
both likes and reblogs count!
you may reblog as many as times you want, but if you reblog it more than one time in a row, it only shows up once on the notes!
do not put under a read more cut, add any commentary onto this post whilst reblogging it.
please tag the post with the group you plan to enter the giveaway for. for example: if you want got7, tag #got7. if you want exo, tag #exo. please don’t put #got7 #exo #i like both #so i’ll enter for both I WILL BE CHECKING (this is convenient for both of us so i automatically know which one you want)
one winner will receive the two exo overdose albums with the two photocards +a special prize (first come first serve)
one winner will receive the the two got7 albums with the two photocards +a special prize (first come first serve)
every 100 notes, i will check each reblog for which group you are entering the giveaway for and classify you all under 2 different word documents (got7 and exo), and number them. 
THEN, i will use the random number generator and choose one url from each document.
this is more organized and convenient for me, if you’re confused then please ask questions!
good luck

im actually very nice so you should talk to me. 

Happy 27th Birthday Scott Patrick Moir! (September 2, 1987) 

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  • Happy 27th Birthday Scott!! <33 (09.02.1987)

Pouty Mark ♥


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[FANCAM] 30082014 JYP NATION ONE MIC Practice & Photoshoot 

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